Newbies Guide To San Jose Marketing

Internet Marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making money online, even if you are a complete newbie.
There are many people who tend to think of Internet Marketing as a get rich scheme or an instant cash machine. Fortunately, it is really not the case. Otherwise everyone who bought a push button solution would be millionaires.
The truth is that Internet Marketing will not let you make money quickly and if you hung out with enough marketers, they will share stories of how much persistence and hard work they need to put any business, you need to plan well and have amazing execution skills. Read more at

Since this article is really for noobs with little or no experience in marketing, I want to start off by sharing a simple formula to online success.Whether you actually understand this model will determine how much money you make online, so pay attention.

Conversion + Traffic = Money
Most wanna-be marketers spend a lot of time worrying about the unimportant things such as setting up their website or making their website look good. You should be focusing on conversion and traffic. Once you got good conversion of about 10% and about 100 people coming into your website per day, you can start focusing on everything else, such as hiring someone else to do your work for you.
Till then, Conversion and Traffic are the only two things you care about.

Conversion can be improved by editing your sales copy and the quality of your traffic. You can increase conversion by personalizing it with a picture of you and some credentials you have earned in your niche topic.
Traffic is about quality and quantity. You don’t just want to have thousands of people coming into your website and have no one subscribe to your list.

Quality can be improved by making sure you select method that allows some degree of targeting.
For example, article marketing’s targeting can be improved by writing content that people in your niche are really attracted to, or simply finding keywords that they would search for.
Quantity is another story. You can use free traffic methods such as video marketing or social media marketing to generate some traffic, but it takes too much time and work. The other alternative is paid traffic that gives you traffic fast. However, usually once you stop spending, you stop generating traffic.

The last type of traffic I like to use is leveraged traffic. For example, I might include a pay per lead program where I pay people per lead that subscribes to my list, or pay out a high commission to attract affiliates to promote my product.
To end off, if you are a real newbie and you want to get started on Internet marketing, focus on these two things and you will never go wrong.