Whatsapp Official Apk Download New Update

Whatsapp Official Apk Download New Update Latest Version

Whatsapp Messenger – Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger and chat software for all kinds of operating systems, which has been released in different versions for Nokia phones, Windows Phone, etc., and today we have prepared the latest version for Android and iPhone. With this messenger, you can send pictures, voice memos, video messages and texts to your friends and family using a SIM card or Wi-Fi connection for free, and you can chat in groups or individually, or Send SMS.

Whatsapp uses end-to-end encryption to secure transactions between users. According to experts, with this method and in a normal state (that is, without the involvement of malware), only two sides of the conversation can read what is sent. Meanwhile, even the Whatsapp company itself is not able to read it. This is because the messages are protected with a software lock and only the sender and receiver of the message have the special key to open this lock and read them. For added protection, each message sent has its own lock and key. All this happens automatically and there is no need to make special settings or secret chat to keep messages safe.

Different types of features are provided in WhatsApp Messenger for your communication with your contacts around the world and you can use them unlimitedly (without restrictions) full time. It goes without saying that WhatsApp Messenger used to be free for only one year and after 1 year you had to pay to renew it, but now it is 100% free and you can use its features for free forever.

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Features of the Whatsapp Messenger Application for Android:

– Ability to create groups and group chat with friends

– Support for all popular audio, visual and video media formats

– Encryption of messages sent between users

– Ability to create a status or story

– Ability to block annoying people

– Small use of Internet volume during use

– Simple and beautiful user interface

Changes in version

  • You can now create and share a link for a WhatsApp call in the contacts tab
  • Now only administrators will be notified that you have left the group
  • Group admins can now delete other people’s messages for everyone. All participants can see who deleted it.
  • You can now easily react to a posted status by “reacting to status”.
  • You can cancel it within seconds of deleting for me
  • These features will be released in the coming weeks. Thank you for using WhatsApp!

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